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Gordon Brown in the Sims part 2

And so we return to Sunset valley and the complete mis-adventures of Gordon Brown.

After Tony Blair pisses off home, our hero decides to have a bit of a dance to celebrate:



The next day Gordon Brown heads into town to buy some more boring books about finance and possibly even a book about murder. He also goes to the grocery store and buys an egg. Afterwards he sees a political rivals car in the parking lot and goes round the back to scratch it with his keys. Unfortunately as our Gordon isn’t very good at stealth he gets collared by a local copper by the bins.


He cant even look at the officer, the shame is too much!


In a humiliation fuelled rage Gordon fucks off round the corner where he sees a meat head wearing an ‘I ‘heart’ Tony Blair’ t-shirt. Its all just too much and he snaps. Slapping the man in the face.


Jesus Christ…


Enraged, Gordon decides to visit the local library to try and calm down by trolling an internet forum.


It works and he decides to go to the beach for a BBQ cook-off contest.


Nobody talks to him, in fact everybody steers well clear of the miserable shit even though his hotdogs win the contest!

Lost in his own thoughts of despair, he tries a spot of night fishing. He doesn’t catch anything .


Then suddenly he spies a glinting from the corner of his eye. Its a chunk of raw silver! He quickly sprints to it before anyone else gets it.


That will add nicely to Gordon’s treasury.

Now then, I’d like to apologise for forgetting to take a few screen shots as I was too wrapped up in the game.


Gordon’s new political career has surprisingly been going rather well, working his way back up from polishing podiums to a full blown campaign to become the Mayor of Sunset Valley,he has also made a couple of acquaintances and invites them over for a campaign fund-raiser. he even invites Tony. The party gets off to a cracking start with everybody dancing around Gordon’s hovel like people possessed! Gordon even wears jeans!


Gordon and Tony start to ‘Get down’!


No idea who the child with extremely premature greying hair is, probably one of Tony’s ‘friends’.


Tony and Frank Oz do some bizarre dance that I cant even comprehend but blows my mind anyway. Screenshot-60

All the guests and even Gordon have a fabulous time and donate a ton of cash to Gordon’s campaign fund. Overjoyed, Gordon goes to bed and sleeps soundly without the terrible nightmares for the first time in his life.

The next day Gordon is a changed man. Instead of wearing his trademark black suit he wears something a little more casual and even goes for a bike ride!


He’s so happy that later at the park, Gordon gets back to nature catching butterflies.


Screenshot-68Things could really be looking up for Gordon Brown and for now his face is a little less the pallid grey colour of a month old rotting corpse.

Will Gordon Brown become mayor or Sunset valley? Will Gordon and Tony’s friendship dissolve into chaos again? Will Gordon find true love?

All these questions will be answered soon!…if I can be arsed.


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  1. Please be arsed and make more…

    July 16, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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